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About The Arab Alliance for Digital Rights

About the Alliance

The Arab Alliance for Digital Rights is a coordination network whose purpose is to facilitate the work of organizations and individuals active in the field of online rights and freedoms. The Alliance has been formed in a climate of tight restrictions on online rights and freedoms in the Arab region and amid shrinking spaces for free speech in the digital world and limited internet access.


Support rights and freedoms and promote free cyberspace that is open to everyone without any form of discrimination.


The Arab Alliance for Digital Rights seeks to defend the rights and freedoms of internet users in the Arabic-speaking region and enhance their experience of using the internet as a tool to improve the human rights situation. In this context, the Alliance will work towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Impact policies related to online rights and freedoms and develop model policies to confront the deteriorating human rights situation in the Arabic-speaking region.
  • Involve and mobilize the support of stakeholders, including decision-makers, influential groups, companies, and users to adopt the values and principles of human rights advocated for by the Arab Alliance for Digital Rights.
  • Support joint community cooperation and organization efforts related to digital rights at the local, regional and international levels.
  • Expose and publish information and data related to the challenges facing internet users in the Arabic-speaking region.

Principles and Values

A free and open internet

The internet is a free and open space for everyone to express their opinions without any restrictions.


Solidarity as a value and practice between individuals and organizations in the Arab region as a way to achieve freedom and equality.

Accepting diversity and participation

The Alliance believes in diversity and participation and in coordinating its activities between all members equally and without discrimination.

Accountability and transparency

The Alliance adopts the principles of accountability and transparency in its work, between its members, and when implementing any of its activities.

Good governance

: The Alliance believes in good governance as a principle to manage and coordinate its activities, make internal decisions, and take stances.