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Join the Alliance

First – Members

This membership category is open to all organizations interested in online rights and freedoms in the Arabic-speaking region, provided that they meet the following criteria:

  • Inclusive geographic diversity (UAE or KSA, Western Sahara, Sudan, etc.).
  • Publicly adopting the Alliance’s objectives, both in theory and in practice.
  • Compatibility between the member’s work or experience and the Alliance’s areas of work.
  • Dedicating human resources partially or entirely to implement the Alliance’s activities.
  • Signing the present manifesto.
  • Approving and signing the Code of Conduct.


Second – individual membership

In addition to its members, the Alliance will work with progressive institutions and individuals that support human rights in general and online rights and freedoms in particular, whether from the Arab region or from elsewhere, willing to take part in mobilization and advocacy activities to support the Alliance’s objectives as part of their work.

The Arab Alliance for Digital Rights is a network of organizations from outside of Western Europe/Anglophone countries. Global and International NGOs and individual members that work on the issue of digital rights can participate in this Alliance as supporting members. 

As supporting members, global/international NGOs, and individuals: 

  • Can work in the background. Their name can be present on the website as supporting partners but they will not represent the network in press conferences, to the press, meetings with other platforms, or in any other forum. They should refer Alliance members who are considered local or regional organizations to press requests about the alliance. 
  • Can not apply for funds that would be in direct competition with fundraising being done by the Alliance unless it’s in a partnership with other members. 
  • When it comes to the voting process, global and international NGOs and individual members cannot have a role in final decision making, they can offer comments or ideas.
  • They can attend meetings and participate, provide facilitation support at meetings, direct research support, and share contacts.

Membership of the Arab Alliance for Digital Rights is open to organizations and individuals from the Arab region and elsewhere under two categories:

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