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Code of Conduct


The Arab Alliance for Digital Rights is intended to be a physical and digital safe space to advocate for digital rights in the Arab world. 

To promote justice and ensure respect for users’ freedoms of expression and privacy, as well as to protect users from online discrimination, we include in this document the basic rules governing the usage of our site and participation in our forums. 

  • Inclusiveness: The Alliance considers itself an inclusive space where everyone is welcome and treated fairly, equally, and with respect. 
  • Discrimination: The Alliance does not tolerate discrimination, including, but not limited to, on the basis of race, gender, gender identity and expression, sexuality, religion, age, class, nationality, ethnicity, disability, medical condition, physical appearance, body size, and language. Accordingly, our members, consultants, and participants may not conduct themselves in a way that unjustifiably favors or discriminates against particular individuals or interests.
  • Harassment: The Alliance is committed to maintaining an environment in which no members, supporters, or consultant is subjected to harassment. Harrassment encompasses forms of unwelcome conduct (physical, verbal, sexual, intellectual, and otherwise) and creates hostile environments. All forms are strictly prohibited.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: All members of the Alliance are obligated to respect the privacy of fellow members. 

Unacceptable behavior includes: 

  • Verbal or written comments that reinforce oppression related to race, gender, gender identity and expression, sexuality, religion, age, class, nationality, ethnicity, disability, medical condition, physical appearance, body size, and language;
  • Intentional dismissal of a participant’s gender identity, expression, or sexual orientation in any form;
  • Imitating or making fun of accents or grammatical errors, or giving unsolicited grammar corrections (clarifying questions are permitted);
  • Verbal or written threats or demands;
  • Repeatedly asking someone for sexual favors or special treatment 
  • Sexualized images in public spaces or non-consensual image sharing;
  • Intimidation;       
  • Stalking;
  • Harassing photography or recording;
  • Sustained disruption of sessions or activities;
  • Unwelcome physical or virtual contact or sexual attention;
  • Enlisting the help of others, whether in person or online, in order to target a participant;
  • Dismissive or derisive comments about safe spaces, harassment, codes of conduct, and related processes and mechanisms;
  • Doxxing;
  • Advocating for or encouraging any of the above behavior.

Reporting a problem and disciplinary actions:
Adherence to the Code: If you fall victim to one of the aforementioned practices or if you spot a violation of this Code, we call on you to contact us immediately via this email:
We will do our best to investigate and take action on any complaints received.
Your complaint will remain confidential and anonymous unless you expressly consent to the alternative, but be aware that this will sharply limit our ability to investigate.
If your concern or complaint regards a member of the Code of Conduct committee, we can assure you that the committee member will not handle your complaint, nor will the contents of your complaint, including your identity, be disclosed to them. If this makes you uncomfortable, or you would otherwise find this process difficult for another reason, you may reach out to a member of the Alliance team you trust, and they will escalate your complaint to the appropriate channels.
The Code of Conduct committee will respond to all complaints appropriately, taking into account the nature and severity of the offense, and support for the complainant.
Possible actions the committee may take include but are not limited to, warnings, expulsion from future Alliance iterations, or restricting access to our social media channels. In exceptional cases, criminal charges may be filed. Individuals about whom the complaint is made will be given an opportunity to make representations to the committee either during or after the event.