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The Launch of the Arab Alliance for Digital Rights 

The Arab Alliance for Digital Rights (AADR) sets in motion its work to promote and defend the digital rights and freedoms of internet users across the Arabic-speaking countries. The Alliance supports users’ efforts to use the internet as a means to organize and self-advocate for their digital  rights.

We are a network of digital rights organizations from a number of Arabic-speaking countries,  coming together as a community, to protect civic space online. The Jordan Open Source Society – JOSA (Jordan), the Iraqi Network for Social Media – INSM (Iraq), the Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media – “7amleh” (Palestine), SMEX , and theTechnology and Law Community – “Masaar” (Egypt) each contributed to the establishment of this movement.

The Alliance’s primary initiative is to advocate for Internet policies that reflect the Arabic-Speaking region region’s complex social and political circumstances and urge individuals, groups, and companies to better adopt human rights norms online. We garner the support of stakeholders, including decision-makers, civil society groups, companies, and Internet users as they adopt the values and principles of human rights and support joint community cooperation and organization efforts at the local, regional and international levels.

The Alliance emphasizes the importance of solidarity among Netizens and organizations seeking freedom, equality, and social justice. As such, the Alliance functions as a response to hostile governmental practices against online civil action within the Arabic-Speaking regionMENA region. On a global level, we counter restrictive internet practices and policies by international corporations operating in our region. As a networked collective, the Alliance exerts the international pressure necessary to prevent and remedy  regional digital rights abuses.

We work to protect internet users’ freedoms of expression, assembly, and peaceful organization, as well as their rights to privacy, data protection, and free access to information and communication technology. To accomplish this, the Alliance shares its expertise on digital rights with the public while mounting pressure campaigns, interacting directly with target audiences, and monitoring violations against civil activists and their online freedoms. Promoting solidarity and mutual support between Alliance members and activists throughout  Arabic-speaking countries is at the heart of our vision. 

The founding members invite you to the launch of the Arab Alliance for Digital Rights on August 10, 2021 at 6 PM Beirut time for a discussion on digital repression in the Arabic-speaking countries. 

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